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What is Architecture?

“Gang likens the architect to a cook, a prospector, and a nomad,“ according to a recent piece in ENR about “blooming starchitect” Jeanne Gang. A similarly creative way of describing architects has come from Bjarke Ingels, who describes his role … Continue reading

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On Kamin

I talked about Blair Kamin a few months ago, when featuring his response to the Chicago mayoral elections. I praised him for bringing up important city-wide issues and, unlike some other newspaper critics, not getting sidetracked by glossy renderings of … Continue reading

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On Temko

As I think is clear by now, I greatly appreciate when critics realize their worth and importance. Critics can have a great influence on architectural and urban issues, a power which can be used for bad as well as good. … Continue reading

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On Goldberger (or the fame monster)

Paul Goldberger has a website. Does Ada Louise Huxtable? Christopher Hawthorne? Blair Kamin? Nicolai Ouroussoff? –No.  They’ll maybe have a Wikipedia page that comes up when you Google them, but in most cases their archive of newspaper articles will appear. … Continue reading

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On Muschamp

Critic of the week! Herbert Muschamp (1947-2007) started as an architecture critic for The New Republic in 1987 and succeeded Paul Goldberger at the New York Times in 1992.  He’s sometimes criticized for writing only (or mostly) on his friends, … Continue reading

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On Huxtable

As in any field, architecture criticism has its momentous occasions, its landmark dates. One date (I won’t say it’s the most important) that most will be able to agree on is 1963 – the year Ada Louise Huxtable became the … Continue reading

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